When will the book be available?

The first draft of Lufianblid: Global Dawning will be finished by mid 2017. However, publication will depend on finding a publisher. It’s impossible to say, therefore, when the printed version will be available. However, if you subscribe to our newsletter, we’ll drop you a line to tell you when you can buy it.

Can I download the book?

The publisher will decide whether or not to release a digital version. It’s possible a print version and a digital version will be produced, but this will only be decided after a publisher has been found.


Is the story based on actual events?

Lufianblid: Global Dawning is a novel, so this identifies it as fiction. However, it is now widely acknowledged that global warming is really happening. In this respect, the book is based on actual events. In all other respects, events are a mixture of fact and fiction. I do emphasise, however, that the story is for entertainment only, and that any resemblance of characters in the book to real people is purely coincidental.

Will there be another Lufianblid book?

Maluk and his Lufian friends would love to tell you more of their adventures, but good stories take a while to write, so do be patient. If you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll be among the first to know about a new Lufianblid book.


Maluk is cute. Where can I buy him?

What a lovely question! Shops don’t currently stock Lufian toys. However, if you subscribe to our newsletter, we’ll let you know when we have some made.

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