A legal precedent is being set by a group of children challenging Trump’s stance on global warming.

Chelsea Harvey of the Washington Post writes: “A groundbreaking climate lawsuit, brought against the federal government by 21 children, has been hailed by environmentalists as a bold new strategy to press for climate action in the United States. But the Trump administration, which has pledged to undo Barack Obama’s climate regulations, is doing its best to make sure the case doesn’t get far. The Trump administration this week filed a motion to overturn a ruling by a federal judge back in November that cleared the lawsuit for trial — and filed a separate motion to delay trial preparation until that appeal is considered. The lawsuit — the first of its kind — argues the federal government has violated the constitutional right of the 21 plaintiffs to a healthy climate system.”

It would be interesting to see the same initiative in Europe, Mexico, China, India. Can our children force the decisions our leaders are unwilling to take?

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