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Hi Kids,

This page is especially for you.

My name is Howard and I’m the guy who’s written Lufianblid: Global Dawning – The Countdown Begins. It’s a story for you, but also for older folks.

As you know, global warming is a serious matter, and the story gets pretty dramatic as Maluk discovers humans are hiding evil thoughts behind their smiles. But the book is really an optimistic and fun book, and I challenge you to to read it without laughing! Some bits might be difficult, so ask someone for help, or look things up on the Net. Remember, the more you understand, the easier it is to make the right decisions. We all need to help reduce global warming.

I’ve added a few YouTube videos to this page. Click on the arrow in the boxes to watch them. They’re really useful to understand global warming and how it affects animals. See if you can find some more videos online. There’s also a list of things you can do to play a part in reducing global warming. Just click on the grey text boxes to view the details.

Enjoy your reading!




Manuscript now finished.








Climate change - school / home activities

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Ask your teacher to consider these lesson plans to discuss climate change

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Activities for students and staff. What you can do to help reduce global warming.

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See just how well you’re doing for the climate right now. Take this quiz.

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