Global warming

Maluk has extra-sensory powers (ESP) and many other secret abilities that you will learn about as you read the story.

These abilities allow Maluk to pass on to his friends in Lufianblid large quantities of information on global warming. And where does he get this info from?

  • the meetings his dad (Tolan) takes him to
  • TV, papers, radio…

And how does a soft toy do this? And what do the Lufians do with this information? Mm.. You’ll have to read the book, won’t you!

While waiting for the book to be finished (July 2017), why not watch the videos on the left, or read about global warming issues? Form your own opinions, then read the book later to see if the Lufians share your points of view (POV)! Find out what your friends and family think. The more we get involved in this issue, the more we will help wildlife, humans and the planet.

New videos and pictures are added regularly. Watch the images rotate automatically, or click on the picture to pop up a slide gallery.


The global warming debate
Parties affirming global warming


Outgoing US President, Barack Obama.

Parties paying scientists to deny global warming

Points of view

There are three main points of view:

  1. those people who believe the Earth is warming at an increasing and alarming rate;
  2. those who believe the Earth is not warming at more than its historically normal rate;
  3. those who believe the Earth is warming faster than normal, but not due to human behaviour.

What is your view? Unsure? Read Lufianblid and you may find it’s easier to form an opinion.

While I’m not keen on the labels “alarmists” and “deniers”, they do make it easier to decide on which side of the fence a person is standing. Alarmists (1) and deniers (2 and 3) have spent many years trying to convince each other (and you and me) of their point of view.

All the while, the Amazon rain forest burns, uncountable animals die, the atmosphere chokes, the seas rise.

Not all is gloom and doom, however. Maluk and the animals of Lufianblid love the Earth and will not allow it to perish. Read the book to learn what they do!


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