Howard Rydor

Global Dawning

– The countdown begins

Global Dawning – The countdown begins is drama, humour, a cauldron of emotions, and it carries a spine-chilling message to the animal world of Lufianblid and to the human world of Felacynn.

In Global Dawning – The countdown begins, we meet a very special grolar bear, Maluk. This smart bear is stuffed not with sawdust or cotton wool, but with electronics. He is the very latest in artificial intelligence! And Tolan, the man who initiates him into the human world, is shocked when he finds out.

On his many trips between Lufianblid and Felacynn, Maluk learns that both worlds are in crisis. They’re both suffering from global warming. But who, or what, is to blame? Nothing is what it seems.

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Howard Rydor

Global Dawning – The countdown begins is the first book in a trilogy for children and young adults on the most serious threat that civilisation has ever faced – global warming.

It weaves together two parallel stories – one in the soft-toy world of Lufianblid, the other in the human world that the Lufians call Felacynn. In each world, Nature reacts to the abuse it’s been suffering, and the citizens are forced to acknowledge that the globe is heating up.

Global Dawning – The countdown begins is full of drama and mystery, humour and pathos. There is tragedy in Lufianblid, and intrigue in Felacynn. And both worlds struggle with the consequences of the changing climate. At first, there appears to be nothing anyone can do, but then the world meets Maluk.

Global Dawning – The countdown begins is an upbeat, amusing and thought-provoking novel. Not only will it entertain you, but together with Books 2 and 3, the Lufianblid trilogy will inspire you to learn about climate change mitigation efforts.


We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.

G. B. Shaw

Maluk's first step on a long journey

In preparing the story, my research journey took me through the dark dens of climate change deniers and self-centred, short-sighted, decision-makers. Everywhere I went, I saw how human activity was hurting our fauna and flora, jeopardising the lives and cultures of indigenous peoples, polluting the seas, and threatening our very survival.

Yet, the longer my journey continued, the more I became aware of the growing number of leaders, the thousands of scientists, and the millions of ordinary citizens around the world seeking to reduce our production of greenhouse gases and to mitigate the effects of climate change. And by the time my research journey ended, I had become optimistic, for despite the devastating changes that civilisation has wrought on planet Earth in 200 years, public awareness of these changes and the will to rectify them has blossomed in just 20.

I am now filled with admiration for these progressive and caring leaders, these scientists and these ordinary citizens. The world is waking up to the threat of climate change. This is truly our ‘global dawning’.

Thank you for reading Global Dawning – The countdown begins. I do hope you enjoy it.
Howard Rydor


Imagination is the beginning of creation.

G. B. Shaw

The Lufianblid trilogy continues with…

Book 2

Global Dawning

– The Great Fire

The Great Fire of Lufianblid

Due for completion in early 2022, Global Dawning – The great fire continues the epic adventures of Maluk, the grolar bear, and his human companion, Tolan. We read of alliances across the world, betrayal, climate disasters, and an extraordinary discovery.

Book 3

Global Dawning

– The race is on

The Race Is On

Book 3, Global Dawning – The race is on will be finished in late 2022. In this novel, which is best read after Books 1 and 2, we follow the citizens of Lufianblid as they cope with ever more destructive climate change. Tolan has to deal with crises on several fronts, and everything has a deadline. The race is on – in more ways than one.


“Cli-fi is fast becoming the most exciting and challenging subject area driving YA literature.”

The Guardian: Sarah Holding’s top 10 cli-fi books for children (2015)

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