You know why you should read this book?
‘Cos it’ll make you feel…

and because…

  • it relates to you, your life, your country, your planet;
  • it’ll make you laugh and cry;
  • it’ll make you think, and talk to family and friends;
  • it’ll make you want to find out more about climate change;
  • it’ll bring out the child in adults, and the adult in children;
  • and because you’ll be among the first people to read a new category of books[1]: cli-fi (climate fiction)

[1] It is a simple fact that climate change has a much smaller presence in contemporary literary fiction than it does even in public discussion. As proof of this, we need only glance through the pages of literary journals and book reviews. When the subject of climate change occurs, it is almost always in relation to nonfiction; novels and short stories are very rarely to be glimpsed within this horizon.”

Ghosh, A. 2016


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