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“Psst.. I’m Maluk, the little bear in the big picture up there. I live in Lufianblid (with a silent ‘d’, if you don’t mind). Oh yes, it’s a real place – at least it is for me. For you humans, Lufianblid is somewhere between your memory and your imagination.

“Most young humans grow up with Lufians, you know. We’re not all teddy bears, of course; there are soft-toy puppies, lions, elephants and even echidnas! It’s great fun visiting the human world of Felacynn. You carry us around, talk to us, cuddle up to us in bed, even try to feed us your human food! Yuk!! But what you don’t seem to know is that we can hear you as well as see you.

“And that brings me on to the main, er.. thing.. about this story. You really need to read it, you see, ‘cos it carries a very important message. Yes, yes, yes, it’s also the funniest story that’s ever been written about Lufianblid, but that’s not it.

“Further on (yep, the bit starting “Lufianblid: Global Dawning”), the guy called Howard Rydor tells you more about – you know, the main thing. I’ve left that bit to him, ‘cos he likes using big words. You’ll understand them, but I’m soft in the head, so I might not. Anyway, don’t tell anyone, but I’m a bit frightened. There are humans in Felacynn who are really damaging the enviramunt.. the enviromnent.. the environment.. phew, got it, and they really need our help, so why not read what he says?”



Lufianblid: Global Dawning is Howard Rydor’s forthcoming novel for children and young adults. It focuses on the most important issue that civilisation has ever faced:

InĀ Lufianblid: Global Dawning, you’ll meet the hi-tech, smart, and totally adorable polar bear, Maluk, and all his soft-toy friends.

Maluk has qualities you may never have seen in a bear before. Through his human father, Tolan, he learns of global warming and how this is destroying the animal kingdom and threatening the human race. The very existence of every living thing is at stake. Maluk has to do something! He starts working on a plan to help the world, but how can he get humans to wake up and listen? The more he observes people and the decisions they make, the more incredulous and upset he becomes.

Maluk and his Lufian friends become increasingly aware that what seems damaging and irresponsible to Lufians seems perfectly sensible to many humans. With his unique powers, Maluk sets out on a courageous mission to convince Tolan to implement his plan – a plan that will help combat the terrifying challenge of global warming.

Due for completion in late-2017, Lufianblid: Global Dawning is an upbeat look at how human greed makes simple decisions complicated, and how animals are needed to help humans see sense.

Rich with the views of climate-change deniers and alarmists, and spiced with a hint of philosophy, Lufianblid: Global Dawning is a humorous and insightful tale intended for humans aged nine and above, and soft toys of any age.

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